Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5 Random Things

The weird thing about trying to have a public blog and a public profession (let's face it, esp. in an age of social media, teachers are always under public scrutiny) is that I'm not nearly as open online as I used to be, and DEFINITELY not as open as I am in real life. So there's stuff about my life that I rarely ever mention on here - partly out of that "No incriminating details" credo, but also because it rarely comes up!

Plus it'd be fun to occasionally post 5 random things, either about myself or whatever theme I can come up with. Of course, I've tried this "regular theme posts" idea before so I'm not committing to anything yet, but it's certainly an idea to try and run with.

So here's my first 5 random things: 5 random facts about me!
  1. I'm not much of a collector, but I do actually have two collections: Shot glasses and Kinder Surprise toys. Shot glasses because I like souvenirs but most are tacky tchotckes, so this is a way to buy something to remember the trip while also having something functional and not that space-consuming. Kinder Surprise toys because I first read about them in JANE magazine, and was utterly fascinated that there was a chocolate with little toys inside them that I would never be able to purchase because apparently the USA FDA doesn't trust American consumers enough to NOT EAT THE PLASTIC EGG INSIDE. It was so insipid that I HAD to obtain one. Now it's another go-to souvenir, this time from friends and family who travel out of the country! The toys are usually pretty damn cool, too, although I lost my favorite one ever - a break-dancer who stood on his head, and the head had a magnet in it that made him spin when his magnetic boombox got close to him. Yeah, it was awesome. I still miss it.
    My shot glasses!
  2. This Valentine's Day will be my 10th Valentine's Day with The Hubs! More on that Thursday or Friday, including the not-super-romantic-but-still-amusing history of our first V-day.
  3. My feet are weird. Well, re-phrase: The actual part that constitutes the foot is fine, I even have lovely high arches that I think make them kind of pretty (you know, for feet). I have two weird toes, though. One of my big toes had two ingrowns, one on each side of the toe, and to fix it growth inhibitor was placed on both of those sides, and now it grows in kind of weird. It's not hideous to look at, but it is weird and slightly noticeable (if you look for it). The other weird toe is the "pointer" toe that's ever-so-slightly longer than my big toe and its twin on the other foot. It's like an eighth of an inch difference between the two toes, but it's enough to weird me out!
  4. My favorite childhood cartoon of all time is "Jem and the Holograms". BEST. SHOW. EVER. I seriously had almost every doll and outfit they made for this show, including the new members when they came out - I never owned Shaina or Pizazz, but I did own several of the Jem variations. Yes, yes, envy me. My mom loved the dolls, too, and used the excuse of their having more realistic body proportions to buy them for me. Man, I miss those dolls, so much that I don't even care that the show was basically created to market the dolls and most of the plots don't make any sense. BEST SHOW EVER!
    It depresses me that this show hasn't had a resurgence yet, and "My Little Pony" HAS.
  5. I have a weird penchant for bad Meryl Streep movies. Like, seriously, I love "She-Devil" (which I'm watching on Netflix as I type) and "Death Becomes Her". All my high-falutin' tastes are complete B.S., give me a cheesy Meryl Streep movie any day.



  1. I used to loooooveee Jem! I had a Jem dresses that I wore all the time :)

    Mmm... Kinder Surprises are so delicious!

    Living so close to the border there's usually a Kinder-related news story every few years.

    Last year it was about a lady that was CAUGHT red handed with a Kinder Surprise in her car (she's Canadian and was just going over some cross border shopping as we typically do) and so the US border guards confiscated it (because, you know, for all they knew she could be importing the evil thing to sell). She gets a letter in the mail a few months later telling her that she could have it back if she paid a fine (something like $200) or they would destroy it (which I imagine to be the border guards sitting around eating the chocolate and building the toy). Ha!

    1. *sigh* That is the most ridiculous thing EVER. God, you would think it's cocaine the way they treat them!



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