Sunday, February 2, 2014

What's Happening Lately

This'll be quick, because I have lesson planning to do if I want to go have fun at the super bowl party we're going to today. :)

  • Life has been crazy. End of the semester/transition to the new semester is always hectic because of grades being due, classes changing, etc. I have a crazy amount of work, and it's my own dumb fault for wanting to prep certain classes differently, so I'm really giving myself more work than I need to. But, you know, I want to teach my students the best I can, so it's a Catch-22. Still, things should be calming down work-wise... until I get the next big project that should arrive any day now. If I can get ahead of grading and planning a little bit, though, life will be easier. 
  • I have been taking full advantage of my weekends, though. Teacher guilt makes me want to be in the classroom, though, haha. Luckily, my tiredness wins out and I force myself to rest (aside from lesson planning, which I actually enjoy because I'm a weirdo).
  • Still house-(rental)hunting. The few we've attempted to rent had already been snatched up, but here's hoping we will find one soon. We need the space, and soon! Not that I'm looking forward to all the packing and lifting, but it'll be worth it when we find the right place for us. 
  • Do you ever have huge news, but you have to sit on it because it's not 100% confirmed yet? We're in that situation right now. I hope it gets confirmed, and that we can share it sooner rather than later. Please keep your fingers crossed/say prayers for us/do a rain dance/whatever for us!
More when I have time. Duty calls!


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