About the Hot Mess Housewife

Hello! I'm Samantha. 

I'm in my (VERY) early 30's, living in Northern California (I don't like to specifically state where, because it's the internet, but I will say it's near a major city). I'm an English teacher (secondary level), and I love what I do. When I'm not planning lessons, making students laugh at my corny jokes, or avoiding grading, I love to make cool stuff, cook good food, watch great movies and analyze pop culture. Oh, and write this here blog!

 This handsome fella is The Hubs. We've been together since we were in college - I was 21, he was 19 (but he's only 1.5 years younger than me). We've been together since January 2003, married since June 2007. He is sweet, loyal, hilarious, smart, and devastatingly sexy. ;D He has shown me what it's like for someone to unconditionally love me, and I love and appreciate him so much. (All right, all right, I'll stop the mush.)

The other mammal I love more than anything in this world (aside from my family and The Hubs) is this adorable little furball named Daisy. Her full name has evolved to Daisy Mae Fuentes ****** (Daisy Mae for the Lil' Abner reference, and Fuentes after Daisy Fuentes). We scored her from our city shelter, and we believe she's a Lhasapoo (Lhasa Apso/Poodle mix). She's been a member of our little family since December 2009; the vet believed she was 1.5 years old when we got her, so she's about 5 years old. We totally scored with her - she's great with people, easily trained, active without being rambunctious, and just a fun, funny ball of fluff that has added so much joy to our lives! She is my fur baby until a real baby comes along.

On the blog, I like to talk about about the art of housewifery and what helps me make my life easier. I'm not a housewife typically, but my teaching career has been tumultuous so far and there are periods of time where I'm a de facto housewife - and I want to be better at it. Even when I'm working, I want to take pride in my home but not at the expense of my other joys in life. So this blog is my thoughts on these issues, my successes, and my failures. My favorite things about the art of housewifery are entertaining, cooking, and making a house (or in our case apartment) a home through crafting and thriftiness. My least favorite thing about housewifery is cleaning! That's the part I'm working on. Occasionally we veer into personal territory, including issues in my own life and my attempt to heal my body's various health issues.

If you'd like to read more of my more personal blathering, here are some fun categories to peruse:
Thank you for reading my blog! Let me know who you are and where I can read about your adventures!

If you're curious about design elements/where I got my graphics, my graphics are a combination of my playing around with PicMonkey and Fotoflexer to make them, and stuff from the internet. I have a nasty tendency to not write down where I download images from, so if you find something on my site for which you are the creator, please email me to let me know and I will make sure you're credited!

I did get backgrounds and  icons that are used for my own modified icons from here, here, and here

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