Wednesday, July 17, 2013

5 Favorite Things (Right Now)

I really thought there would be a bigger gap between my last 5 Faves and the next one, but what can I say, I find new awesome stuff quickly!

"Orange Is the New Black" - if you follow me on Twitter this is old news, but OH MY GOSH IT IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS. The characters are diverse, well-developed, and mostly immune from the stereotypes of a female prisoner. It has dark humor and pathos, and is just super-engrossing! Try and pace yourself; I'm already done and now I'm sad. Good thing Netflix has already lined up a 2nd season. 

"American Ninja Warrior" - I am OBVIOUSLY not an athlete, but I am totally into this show. The obstacle courses are insane, and test so many different areas of athleticism. Plus I'm a sucker for the back-stories they give on the competitors. I'm usually all for some schadenfreude, but with this show I want everyone to succeed! It's enjoyable, inspiring brain rot. ;)

Trader Joe's "Hold the Cone!" mini ice cream cones - the perfect little summer treat. I get an ice cream cone that doesn't send my sugars sky-rocketing! It's a nice way to end my day. :)

Striped t-shirts - this summer I needed to stock up on t-shirts that were cute and casual. Without meaning to, I've bought 4 striped shirts. This makes my total of striped shirts now 6. Yes, I tripled my striped shirt wardrobe! I'm just INTO them all of a sudden. Plus the shirts I've bought are lightweight and comfy, so that just makes them even better. :) 

My new nail polish - Isn't it awesome? It looks like glass shards to me! I want to try it over a black polish. 
I found it at a Forever 21, if you would also like to make your nails look like a shattered church window. ;)

I hope you find something you'll also love!


  1. I had Hold the Cone for the first time over the 4th weekend and have already bought 2 boxes since. I just put myself in rehab for them. :)

    1. They're too good! I take very small bites and try to make it last so I don't eat the whole dang box in one day.

  2. Bah we don't have trader joes in England! We do have forever 21 though so I may copy the polish!



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