Monday, July 1, 2013

What's Happening Lately

  • Still no job yet, but I've had at least an interview/second interview every week so far, which is kind of nice and ego-boosting. Lots of good feedback, but it'd be nice to be first place instead of second/third soon. 
  • My daily goal is to avoid going outside unless absolutely necessary as of late. Mainly because HOLY BALLS IT IS HOT AROUND HERE ARGH. It's going to be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the next solid week, and most days will be over 105! So of course I have to leave the house several times this upcoming week (for worthwhile reasons, but STILL). 
  • Our poor Daisy dog had a MAJOR tummy issue the other night - she's so well-behaved, though, that she didn't wake us to let us know that she was having tummy issues, so by the time the poor Hubs discovered it with his foot, it was cold and sunken into the carpet. :( She has NEVER had an accident like that before - it was pure liquid, poor baby. We put her on the recommended recovery plan from Pet WebMD (yes, that site exists!), and we're hoping it was a weird fluke; she's been fine ever since! Maybe she snuck something when we weren't looking (but we're usually pretty vigilant). Either way, she actually LIKES the bland diet, so it's been awesome for her! ;D Please keep your fingers crossed for us - we re-introduce her normal dog food (which is all natural and grain-free) tomorrow. (Don't worry about the carpet - we're getting free carpet cleaning from our apartment very soon for unrelated reasons, now we'll get our money's worth! hahaha)
    Our adorable Little Sh**.
  • I've been avoiding flour and sugar this week (if I have it at all, it's in very small amounts or it's fruit), and the carbs I do have are in small amounts as well; it's amazing how different it's made me feel, in a good way! When I indulged in a bite of The Hubs' bagel the other day, the sugar high was so sudden that it knocked me out (i.e., I fell asleep - but this was combined with also being dehydrated from running errands in THAT DAMN HEAT)! When I woke up, I could still taste the sugar in my saliva, ugh. I don't like not eating sweets and baked goods, but I also don't like being "sugar-sick", as I call it. Small servings of potatoes and rice don't bug me (plus I tend to eat sweet potatoes and brown rice now, which usually slowly raise sugars), and reasonable amounts of fruit don't bug me, either, which is nice, so I don't have to give up EVERYTHING I like to eat at least! ;D Now I just need to figure out the exercise component... as in, finding motivation TO do it. Meh. Sweat bad, sit on lazy butt good.
  • I'm also finding little to no motivation to get stuff done around the house. I have no idea how housewives do it! I'm still the stubborn 10-year-old going DON'T WANNA, but it's so not fair to The Hubs who works every day! I hate being a spoiled brat, but seriously I maybe do A chore a day, every other day at my best. It takes all of 10-30 minutes, and I even realize that AS I'M DOING THE CHORE, but the next day I'm like NOOOOOOOPE. I know this is a repetitive admission on here, but I guess I want to keep holding myself accountable to it by mentioning it. Other than Monday and Tuesday (as I'll be out of the house most of the day both days), though, I am going to make it my goal to use the chore list below (click the pic for the source), at least for the summer. Three weeks of practice makes it a habit, right? Right!
Here's to a good week!

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