Monday, July 15, 2013

What's Happening Lately

Anotha update about me! I know, BORING, but it's my blog and I'll blather if I want to.
  • For those of you who were concerned after Daisy's gastrointestinal fireworks on the 4th of July, she's been fine ever since. I'm starting to suspect she does it on purpose so she can get a few days of the "bland diet" that we put her on to help her tummy calm down. (It's boiled ground turkey and white rice, but she eats it like it's filet mignon - you can't even see her face, it's buried so deep in her food bowl!) 
  • I'm in the midst of a healthy-eating shift... nothing insane, just recognizing that certain foods make me feel like crud and not wanting to feel like crud anymore. I mean, duh, right? It feels like a drug addiction sometimes, though - slightly hyperbolic to say, I'll admit, but bad-for-you foods activate the same pleasure centers that drugs do. How am I eating healthy? So far I've managed to cut out refined flours, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, alcohol... you know, everything FUN. ;) I'm at, I'd say, an 85-90% success rate. For example, I had a burger yesterday for lunch, and they didn't have a whole-wheat option, so I forgoed the chips that came with and got a side salad instead. Today's lunch was a sandwich that also comes with a free cookie; I had one half of the sandwich, and the damn cookie because I can't resist a chocolate chip cookie, which is why I avoid them! ;D I'm also easing myself off the artificial sweeteners and diet soda - I had two diet sodas yesterday, which is probably the most I've had all week. I'm much better about drinking water now, and it makes me feel better too! I still drink one diet soda a day, but it's Zevia All Natural Soda. My endocrinologist said stevia is totally ok, so I use it in my iced coffee, and I'm allowing myself a Zevia a day. It helps ease the withdrawal symptoms. Overall, though, while I do miss my breads and baked goods, I feel a LOT better and have more energy. It's like the two are related or something...

    All right, all right, I'll stop. :p
  • Ok, one more thing: Apparently if you eat protein before you eat fruit, the fructose in the fruit takes longer to digest and your blood sugars don't spike so fast. So I cut myself a small slice of a fancier cheese (this week is havarti with dill), grab a handful of pistachios, and piece of fruit. It feels like I'm having a wine tasting-style snack, just minus the wine! I loooove it, yum!
  • I spent my week catching up on some of my favorite comic authors. I like superhero comics, but it's such a lot of history to catch up on and I'm only REALLY into a few of them - I'm mostly a Marvel girl. ;D (I had a friend that was a huge comics geek, and he helped me keep up, but then we grew apart and I had to find my own way.) I tend to prefer the non-superhero comics more; my favorite is Fables, which is basically the story of what if all of the fairy-tale characters were real and living in our world. If you haven't read it, or don't consider yourself to be a comics person normally, then I HIGHLY recommend you give Fables a try. (If you don't want to spend the money, check your local library! That's how I caught up this week!) I also checked out Saga, Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughan, who also wrote Y: The Last Man(which is amazing and another one to check out if you aren't a "comic nerd"); I liked it and I'm willing to check out the next one. COMICS! HUGE NERD! My secret's out. 
  • The plan this week is to get off my big butt. I say that every week, but this time it's a mission and not merely wishful thinking. ;) I have some fun ideas to try out and a birthday to prepare for, plus a very exciting (I hope) appointment this week (not job-related, it's a different kind of excitement ;D), so I'm actually feeling good about getting out and having fun this week! Whoooo! 

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