Sunday, October 10, 2010

The status of this blog/ The Non-Processed Project - Update? Meh...

Ok, so one reason I don't update so much is that I've been convinced that this blog can ONLY relate to home-making stuff... you know, a "niche" blog. While I can still share my experiences (and failures, of which there are pa-lenty), it doesn't HAVE to be all about the art of housewifery. I'm not technically a housewife, anyway (hence the "hot mess" part of the moniker), and my life doesn't revolve around it, at least not yet.

So you might see some non-homemaking posts on here occasionally. I'd apologize, but that would imply that I'm sorry. It's my blog, dammit! Instead, I'll aim for at least a weekly homemaking/lifestyle post, but I am giving myself permission to just post about stuff that's in my mind, too. If I can tie it back to homemaking, awesome. If not, meh. I'll still stay fairly uninformative (sorry, I am a public school teacher and need to keep specific details on the DL), but I'll share a little bit more of my thoughts, too.

Starting with... The Non-Processed Project! I'll admit, I'm slacking. Still shopping a lot at Trader Joe's and checking labels, but I'm also giving in to products I know are FULL of chemicals, too. For example, mint Oreo's. Those things are the DEVIL. The delicious, chemically devil. Also back to drinking soda more than I'd like, but I'm trying to work in water, too.

However, there might be an alteration to my plans soon. I mean, staying non-processed will still be in the plan, but my diet might need to be more strict very soon.

Here's the deal: I have girl issues. Without getting into too much details, I was pretty sure I have PCOS. I recently got a job again, with those lovely things called "benefits", so as soon as my insurance kicked in, I made an appointment with my lady doctor. She sent me for some blood tests, to confirm the PCOS suspicion...

Well, lo and behold, I have a whole MESS of things wrong with me. No official diagnosis yet, but the tests showed that my thyroid is way wonky, and my blood sugar levels are WAY too high. The next step is to find a primary care physician to deal with these issues (I skipped to an OB/GYN because I wanted to find out what's wrong with my girl issues, thinking that was the ONLY issue; turns out the thyroid/blood sugars are also big contributors - as well as symptoms of PCOS, go fig), and go from there. The blood sugars issues indicate a likely chance that I'm diabetic. Considering my weight, not a shock, but I was a little shook up about it. I'm mad at myself, obviously. I could've avoided this a LOOONG time ago, but nope, I resisted change as much as I could. Hilariously, I have actually lost a little weight by eating out less and trying to cook healthier food at home. Not always successfully, but apparently it's paid off a little without trying. GO FIG. BUT a few weeks of good behavior isn't going to undo years of self-abuse.  What kills me about all this is that I'm in total "clucky" mode, and the thing that's preventing me from procreating is my own fault. *sigh*

Anyway, the point of this is that I not only need to find a doctor to help me, but I need to change my eating lifestyle PRONTO. I've been considering South Beach Diet (the plan, not the products), and I'm open to it, but I know I'm going to miss my carbs like WHOA. Luckily, most of the other stuff I like is ok for South Beach, so... we'll see. For now, I'm just trying to continue eating better, and after our little vacation this week, The Hubs has offered to jump on the health bandwagon with me as a show of support. Also, I need to schedule that doctor appointment!

This isn't turning into a diet blog; I will share any tasty recipes I stumble upon, though. =)


  1. Im really sorry about the bad news... :(

    I have an awesome cook book I can send you the link for, if you are looking for easy (5 ingredients) and healthy (ive lost 20 lbs since cooking with it and no working out!) You know my info if you ever want to waaaaahhhhh :)

  2. OH and maybe your insurance will pay for a nutritionist (mine did), they plan out meals for you and sometimes will even go shopping with you! Which is awe-some. :) NO meal planning myself, ahhhhhh... ;-)

  3. Started my own blog lady! I linked you. :)



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