Monday, February 18, 2013

5 Simple Goals 2: Wanting to Be Better

So since my focus has shifted from being the Best Teacher Ever to being the Best Self Ever, all I can do is focus on what needs fixing. Not in a self-debilitating way (or so I hope), but my list is growing and I'm worried about getting overwhelmed. There just seems like there is so much about myself that I want to fix!

This isn't to say that I feel I'm a bad person, just... there's a lot of little things I'd like to resolved. However, I (like most human beings) struggle with a lot of change all at once. But when it feels like there's so much that needs fixing, I wonder what takes priority.

What I'd like to change:
  • My level of activity (i.e., exercise)
  • healthier eating
  • my lack of housework
  • my time spent on electronics (she wrote on her BLOG) 
  • better routines, esp. a better nighttime routine

So I'm going to try another round of 4 Simple Goals again. I never really updated how the last one went (got busy), but it actually worked pretty well. I stuck with the volleyball, my crafting time increased (but wasn't once a week like I'd hoped), and I got my medicines under control. My eating fell off the wagon, and I never held the party I wanted to host (but I will next year!).

... yeah, I made this before I decided on 5 goals. Whatever, it still works.
Since there's five areas I'd like to improve, I'd like to come up with a goal for each area of change; I know it's 4, but one more isn't going to kill me, and the changes aren't that unmanageable. The "end-date" (although I aim for these to be permanent changes), or date to reassess and change/move on, will be the end of May, just over 3 months. Here are my goals!

  1. Work out three times a week (and back-strengthening exercises along with the workouts because HOLY CRAP I am tired of my back hurting) - 1 of the times will be volleyball every week, and I'm going to try a Zumba class this week. The 3rd (or 2nd, if I don't end up liking Zumba) will either be a beginner walking workout or a yoga video. I also have a cardio dance video I've never tried, too, but I think I need to build up to that. I did a walking workout this morning, and tomorrow volleyball starts the new season! Losing weight is not the goal, getting my body healthier to deal with its issues is the goal. Reward: A new workout outfit! 
  2. Limit my carbs to the mornings and afternoons. I'm a carb addict, and I need to stop eating them so much at night. To accomplish this, I'm going to aim for eating 4-5 dinners with minimal carbs (which means I won't eat a carb side, but if there's carbs in the sauce of something I won't freak out), and no desserts w/ those 4-5 meals (*sob*). (I'm going to drink some tea after dinner with stevia to help with the sweet tooth cravings.) I'll also still watch my carbs during the day and aim for healthy carbs, but I figure it's better to eat carbs during the day when I NEED the energy and will more likely burn them off. Losing weight is not the goal, getting my body healthier to deal with its issues is the goal. Reward: a new outfit from Old Navy or JC Penney! (Yes, I like clothes, shush.)
  3. Complete one big chore every weekend. There's a bunch of little projects that need to get done around the house. I only knocked one of them off my list this vacation, so I'm thinking if I just make a list of what I want to get done around the house, and knock one off every weekend, it'll eventually get done and I'll stop feeling like crap about what needs to get done. Plus our home will look nicer!
    • Properly put Xmas stuff away/clean out the small closet to hold my teaching stuff again *sigh*
    • Organize/streamline my craft desk
    • Go through clothes and home products and make a BIG donation
    • Clean out pantry
    • Reorganize pantry and cupboards 
    • Make the bedroom less cluttered/more home-y
    Reward: A reasonably-priced piece of furniture that we've been putting off or nice house decoration.
  4.  Take one night a week off from electronics. I can't avoid the TV (it's The Hubs' evening retreat, so I'm not going to try and mess with that), but I can turn off the computer and not use my phone as a playtoy (which is pretty much what I do with it - what do you mean it makes calls?!). I could even go in the bedroom if I really wanted to avoid the TV, but we'll see. Basically, my goal is to break my internet addiction. I spend WAAAAY too much time on this thing. I could be crafting, playing with my dog, reading, etc. So I think baby steps by taking one night off a week would be really good for me. I might try coinciding this night off with my volleyball (or Zumba, if it becomes a favorite) night to ease the transition; if I'm already busy that night, staying off the computer or phone might be a little easier. To fill the time, I plan to read, work on this quilt square by square or other crafting, and maybe even work on other chores if I'm REALLY bored. xD Reward: a movie g.c. might be fun!
  5. Establish a nighttime routine! I always feel more relaxed when I wash my face at night, and I need to brush my teeth more often. So the goal will be to pack my lunch for the next day, wash my face, and brush and floss my teeth. Simple, right? You'd think so, but I get so lazy that I don't bother. I think if I do it immediately after dinner, it'll be easier and help me get in "bedtime" mode. Hopefully this will result in better sleep, more relaxation, and less rush in the morning because my lunch will be done! Reward: a beauty item that I might not usually buy from the fancy brands I like!
It seems like a lot, but even if I don't achieve all of it all the time, working towards it like I did last time was still a nice feeling. even if it wasn't 100% successful. I still made some progress, and it felt manageable! Like I said, I'm already working on it, and I will concede that the workout afterglow is a pretty nice feeling; I don't know why my brain fights against exercise so hard. *shrug* This is part of my shifting my focus from living for my job to work supplementing my life and living a better, fuller life!

Here we go!

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