Monday, February 25, 2013

5SG: A Rough Start

Trying to be better this time around about a weekly check-in on my 5 Simple Goals for this spring.

To be brief, I did not do well. Probably because I decided to start these goals the same week I went back to work after almost two weeks off and grades were due that same week - there's always an adjustment period when school starts up again, but I always seem to think I'll be back on track like I never left.


Here's the accomplishment tally:
  • Workouts: 2/3 (walking workout, volleyball), but only 1 back exercises done. 
  • Big Chore: I did buy an organizer to help tidy up my bedroom, and Sunday I finally took care of the Xmas stuff, so I'll count this one as a win.
  • Night off from electronics: Didn't happen. :(
  • Nighttime routine: 2/7 nights - I was so tired when I came home, I usually crashed within a few hours, and since I didn't even make my own dinner, there wasn't lunch being made either. 
So yeah, not a great week for me. BUT that doesn't mean I can't do well this week - and to be honest, I'm quite proud of myself for getting the workouts in. I worked out Sunday morning, and I plan to do my back exercises on alternating, non-workout days. I'll try again to make the volleyball night the no-electronics night; last volleyball night was unexpectedly thrown asunder due to a scheduling snafu (that the company quickly made amends for), so in the shuffle I forgot to ignore the electronics. NEVER AGAIN (for this week).

I worry that I might have bitten off a leetle more than I can chew, so I'll be honest with myself that I feel overwhelmed. To be honest, the "no night carbs" goal because it's just HARD when I already have food issues. So I'm going to switch it for cutting back on diet soda and drink more water (which isn't as burdensome, for some reason). I'd like to try minimizing the carbs at night, though, so I WILL be mindful, but I'm just backing off it as a goal... for THIS period. I'd like to try again on the next round. I'm doing this for health - I want my body to stop being a jerk, so apparently I have to feed it good food and make it move around. JERK. I'm still working on the good food part (and to be fair, I eat healthier during the day than I do at night, so I'm not great but I'm not horrid, either), and I have to ease myself into these changes. Small changes have big results, right?

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