Sunday, February 3, 2013

When My Back Gets Better...

My back is feeling MARGINALLY better (and regardless of its status, I'm still going into work tomorrow *sigh*), but it's just painful enough that I decided to stay home and rest it rather than attend the all-day poker/Super Bowl party our friend had (The Hubs went, of course, because his team was playing for the first time since he was a KID! Unfortunately, it didn't end well for his team). So my day was super-boring - 3 days straight at home=SUPER BORED OMG. Work will be a RELIEF. (Plus we have a bunch of furlough days next week so I just need to make it until Friday if my back's being a huge jerk.)

Also, tomorrow is my volleyball league's last game - I've missed the last two and I still don't think I can play. *sigh* I'm going to go watch/grab a drink with them afterwards, 'cuz this is my only season playing with them as they're playing ultimate frisbee next season. =( Figure it's better to at least say goodbye in person than avoid the game. But since the next season starts in 2 weeks and this back is taking 2+ weeks to heal, I'm avoiding next season and will join up again in summer. Still, SO FRUSTRATING. Hopefully I will get myself in better shape by the next season. Just more disappointment to add to the recent ones. :(

So to motivate myself to get happy and get better, here's a list of stuff I plan to throw myself into when my back is feeling better:
  • Valentine's Day! I actually had enough personal money to surprise my husband with a nice V-day activity (which will benefit me also) - our local minor league hockey tickets against the SF Bulls (which feeds into the SJ Sharks)! I wish I could afford Sharks tickets, but gas + time to get down there alone make the cost prohibitive, let alone tickets for the cheap seats! Hopefully it's the though that counts. This doesn't include making his favorite meal for Valentine's day itself (the game is the Saturday afterwards); Valentine's Day is a big deal for us because it was our first date (cliche', I know) and I made his favorite meal on that date. :)
  • I might also make some V-day cards for my grandmas, as I like to do. :) I'll certainly have the time with the furlough break, whoo-hoo!
  • Making our dining room table an actual table. It's a clutter catch-all, and I'd like us to start taking time to eat at our table together. That means I need to make it more appealing to eat there. :)
  • Cleaning up my craft area/FINALLY putting away our (artificial) Xmas tree. Yes, it's still up. Yes, we're lame. HEY, my back's been out!
  • Catching up on our laundry because OMG IT'S INSANE. 
Aside from laundry, these are all things I'm looking forward to. I just need my back to STOP BEING A BITCH DAMMIT. ARGH.

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