Monday, February 11, 2013


It's an unpaid forced vacation, but it's still vacation, whoooo!

Back finally better, I was even able to play in the last volleyball game! I also signed up for volleyball again, which was super-exciting. It starts next week, AND one of the players from my last team ended up on my new team! It's reassuring to have someone along for the ride, so to speak.

I've been off since Friday (yes, I'm totally spoiled - one big perk of being a teacher), and I will confess that I spent most of the first 3 days doing jack. It was so relaxing and wonderful, but now I'm like AW CRAP MUST DO ALL THE THINGS! I have so much I want to do this week, and at the same time I feel like I need to RELAAAAAX 'cuz I'm so... stressed out? I'm not, really, and there's stuff I need to get done, so I'm going to DO ALL THE THINGS! (I type this, of course, sitting in my pj's and unshowered.) I'm still planning to stick to the list I made last time, and I've already started chipping away at the laundry and making valentines! I'm also looking forward to all the cooking I'm going to do - homemade dinners at night! I've been cooking more lately now that my back's not being a jerk, so it's not like it's a whole new experience or anything; it's just nice to feel like I have the time and energy for such things. Y'know? Even though I'm not THAT busy during the week, I still feel insanely busy, which is really annoying.

Considering how awful my job has gotten, having a break right now is perfect timing. Hopefully I can go back with a better attitude to get me through the rest of the school year. Still not sure what I want to do, though, after the school year. Right now I'm focused on making my job JUST a job and getting back in touch with my life. One way I'm getting back in touch with life is to make a nice Valentine's dinner for The Hubs and myself; I'm actually really excited for it! It feels good to focus on stuff outside of work.

On that note, time to focus on stuff! DO ALL THE THINGS! Today's agenda: Groceries, finish the dishes, 2 loads of laundry, and finish/mail off my valentines! Maybe I'll come back and report on today's success/update with tomorrow's agenda, too.

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