Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5 Random Things: Religion

Let's try this again! Religion has been popping up lately, so let's do 5 random things about moi and religion.


Found on Tumblr, no idea the creator - if you know, tell me!

  • I was baptized twice - once as a baby in a Lutheran church, and again when I was 8 and I was "saved". The second time was a Baptist church. 
  • Why Lutheran the first time? Well, my parents at the time weren't religious, and my birth father still isn't. Mom was raised Lutheran, though, and he was raised Catholic and HATED it, so Lutheran was a decent compromise. Plus I suspect the idea that SIDS was fairly prevalent back in the 80's that they needed a little assurance that I'd go to heaven should I fall victim. 
  • Because I was a huge book nerd even at 8 years old, my then-pastor half-joked at my baptism that I knew enough about the bible that I could take over one Sunday. I knew ALL the stories. Considering how many crazy stories there are in the bible, though, can you blame me? The children's version I had used pretty illustrations and interesting story versions that were cleaned up for child consumption, obviously, but I still knew most of them.
  • I was the only middle-schooler on our youth group's bible trivia team for the summer camp we went to - and I was pretty kick-ass at it. 
  • I haven't practiced any particular religion since I was 17. My reasons for doing so are my own, and it'd take too long to explain. My not being religious, however, doesn't mean I'm a hater towards religions. Christianity is not my thing, nor any other religions, but it ain't my job to tell you what to do with your life; if it makes you happy and gives you peace, then it's a good thing (unless you use your religion to judge other people's life choices - THEN you're an asshole). 
Why the thoughts on religion seemingly out of nowhere? Because The Hubs and I have been asked to be the godparents to a dear friend's 2-month-old. I KNOW, RIGHT? It's our first time being asked, and you could've knocked me over with a feather. We've agreed to do it, and the parents still want us even though I pointed out that whole "not being religious" thing; their reasoning is that while yes, we're not religious, we ARE good people, and that's just as important to them. Now I just have to hope I don't burst into flames when I enter the church. ;) Seriously, though, we're so excited and honored to do this for our friends. 

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