Thursday, June 6, 2013

Apps I love: Organization Help

So while I'm not the cleanest housewife in the world, or the least cluttered (I'm not at "Hoarders" level yet, but I really need a bigger house first to reach that level), but I'm actually pretty good at organizing. I LIKE organizing. I can organize the crap out of stuff. It's the execution that isn't always so hot. ;D

That said, as I'm addicted to my iPhone (It's so vintage - it's a 3GS!), I have found a few apps that I really like and which help me organize myself quite nicely.

Cozi (Free and Paid app - I use the free version) - Cozi is pretty awesome because it can be shared amongst your family members. You all download the app, then log in and add information as it's needed. It has a calendar, shopping lists, and to-do lists you can use. The Hubs and I use the lists features the most, esp. for grocery shopping. This way he can add stuff to it as he thinks about it, and all I have to do is check it when I'm connected to our WiFi before I go grocery shopping. VERY Convenient that way. It's really easy to figure out and use, which is also nice for those who aren't tech-savvy.

The Main Menu

One of the shopping lists - you can make separate Header titles by adding a new item in ALL CAPS - it defaults to a new header automatically
The To-Do Lists menu (and yes, I have one just for the blog - it's a good way to jot down ideas for later posts when I'm away from home)
I swear I didn't add that to his list. ;D
 Any.Do (Free) - It's to-do lists made fun! SERIOUSLY. I know that sounds cheesy, but makes it kind of fun to make your list and update it. It's sole purpose is to plan your day/week/etc. Yes, iPhones come with a calendar and reminders, but this one's more flashy and fun, AND it's easier to re-arrange your tasks than in either of the standard iPhone apps I mentioned IMHO. What makes it so fun? It's cute and encouraging! Look at the screenshots I took with all their encouragement:

It compliments you when you cross multiple things off your to-do list!

This is the screen after you plan your day with the Any.Do Moment feature. How fun!
Plus its simple design is clean and pretty. To move tasks from today to tomorrow or "Upcoming" (it'll prompt you to pick when "upcoming" is), all you have to do is hover your finger on the words of the task, and it'll let you move it easily! I like how changing my list is LITERALLY at my fingertips. (Don't worry, there's a quick little tutorial the first time you use the app, it's super-easy and the visuals explain it better than I could.)

This is how it looks when you're editing it - the Red bell is your alert, the Post-It with the blue 1 is for additional notes

When you tilt the phone to the side, this it what it changes to!

iPhone Calendar - I know I just said I prefer for what I need to get done, and I do, but the standard Calendar has its uses as well, like the alerts you can set to remind you in events. I keep two calendars on there - my personal appointments and my meal plans (when I need to meal plan - I'm not as thorough a meal planner when I'm off work for vacations). It actually works pretty awesome - when I was working at a summer camp, it came in handy to link my Google calendar that helped me keep track of all the different days and my schedule for those days; I put it all in the Google calendar, then synced it with my phone using these instructions. It was the only way to do it and keep my meal planning calendar also. Plus I sometimes find it faster to update my meal planning calendar on my phone than on the computer - Google Calendars can be kind of a finicky jerk sometimes. Heh.

Hope you find these apps helpful, too! (By the way, I get no money for this. I just like sharing stuff that works for me because if it works for me, it might work for someone else.)

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By Stephanie Lynn

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