Monday, June 17, 2013

5 Random Things: Guilty Pleasures

It's taken years, but I don't embarrass easily anymore. It's a habit I broke in middle school, and THANK GOD, because when I do get embarrassed it is traumatizing - I think embarrassment is equated with shame in my twisted brain. (Seriously, there are events from years ago where I was caught off-guard and it resulted in embarrassment, and they still haunt me to the point where my chest tightens upon recollection.) How did I stop getting so embarrassed? I trained myself to make my first reaction to be laughter. You can't get embarrassed when you laugh it off, or at least I can't. Once I learned to laugh it off and accept my dorkiness, it took (and still takes) a LOT to make me feel embarrassed.

That said, while I'm not embarrassed to like these things, they're not exactly things I share, either. ;)

  • I consider myself a bit of a movie connoisseur, and I do have degrees in English and Theatre Arts - both subjects that focus on analyzing art. I appreciate a high-art film as much as the next pretentious snob (which I can be sometimes). Yet one of my favorite movies is "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar". I also can watch "She-Devil" and "Troop Beverly Hills" on repeat. I am fully aware that they're terrible (and I know "To Wong Foo" gets SO MUCH wrong about drag queens and small town folk that it's embarrassing), but gosh darn it I just love 'em. 
    • Fun anecdote from an article I read in a movie magazine when "To Wong Foo" came out - it was a behind-the-scenes featurette talking about when they were filming the opening crowning ceremony. Apparently Wesley Snipes' little boy was on set, and Snipes challenged him to discern the real ladies from the fake ones - the article claimed the little boy got confused quickly. That always tickled me!
  • Some of my favorite shows are "Game of Thrones", "Mad Men", "Community", and "Parks and Recreation" - all well-reviewed, highly regarded series. My other favorite show?  "Bridezillas". I'm only slightly ashamed.
  • I can't drink them as often as I'd like because they send my sugars through the roof, but I loooove me some Mike's Hard Limeade - the Black Cherry Lemonade is also delicious, but Limeade is my favorite! I consider it a guilty pleasure because when it comes to alcohol, The Hubs and I have high-falutin' tastes (him in beer, me in wines and hard liquors).
  • Same for food - not that we eat lobster and caviar or anything, but we tend to eat grown-up food. Except for when I get a craving for cheese dogs wrapped in crescent rolls. Even better with some Kraft Mac n' Cheese (Spirals only - they taste better than the regular macaroni, and you cannot convince me otherwise). My poor grown-up tummy cannot handle either of these meals very well anymore, so they are infrequent indulgences, but they are an enjoyable guilty indulgence when I'm willing to chance it. 
  • I'm a picker. Scabs, zits, and anything that looks like it's where it shouldn't be. Mainly on myself... although I have to confess it took some tense sitting-on-hands to stop picking at The Hubs early in our relationship. I can proudly say that I haven't picked anything on him in YEARS. He's very grateful. :)

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