Saturday, July 17, 2010

Belated Bastille Day EXTRAVAGANZA!

So I've been busy. We're sharing a car right now, and that means we leave at 6:30 am and don't get home until 5:30 am because our jobs are 30 minute drives apart WITHOUT traffic. *sigh* And as soon as we get home, Miss Daisy needs to PEE LIKE WHOA, and then wants some attention 'cuz she's been home alone all day, poor thing. Oy. Then there's dinner to make and Facebook apps to deal with... it's a busy life, you see. ;D

That said, Bastille Day passed without my getting a proper chance to celebrate it properly. I'm not French, but my EuroMutt husband has some in him (that's what she said), so I use it as an excuse to get all Frenchy with it. If I'd had time to plan, I would've done SOMETHING to celebrate the obscure holiday. Next year, I totally will kick it Marie-Antoinette style. BUT like I said, we're busy. Which has limited my posting. Which simply further proves what a hot mess I am. ;p

So to make it up to you (and still celebrate Bastille Day in some small manner), I present you Miss Daisy as a Frenchman:
But quel fromage! Daisy is a girl! She protests mightily against being portrayed as a french MAN; she ain't no drag king.

Wanting to be a kind, gracious doggie mom, I acquiesce:
Let them eat cake!

She now hates me. The Hubs is letting me post these under protest, as well. Bonne fete!

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