Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A walking Martha Screw-Up

All right, I called this here blog "Hot Mess Housewife" for a reason. Gotta keep it real.

So I had big plans for this July 4th. Big. HUGE. We were going to have friends come over, I was going to make breakfast for everyone (egg sandwiches and berry salad) before we went to watch the parade that passes very close to our apartment! After that, our friends (who have a great backyard w/ a pool) were going to host us and BBQ.

Woke up with my 3rd cold in the last month and a half. MOTHERF*****. So we canceled on our friends, and I slept for half the day. It turned out to be a one-day thing, at least. I'm still blowing my nose and coughing, but other than that I feel fine. Annoyed, but fine.

I married my husband for a reason, though: he is also not a good housewife. Worse than me, even - doesn't cook, lazy about cleaning, isn't interested in decorating the house... ;D He is also not a handyman, but dammit, he tried.

After the damn evil chair broke my back for the 3rd time, The Hubs insisted that we get a new office chair. So we got a REALLY nice one, and paid Office Max $10 to assemble it for us. They told us to pick it up the next day, it'd be put together first thing in the morning. The Hubs went the next day to pick it up at 5:30 pm... STILL IN THE BOX. YEAH. At least we were refunded our assembling fee.

So it was up to The Hubs to put the chair together. In his defense, he read the directions carefully and really tried, but it just didn't work. He actually got the body together, but the arms wouldn't screw in right, and he was getting SO G-D FRUSTRATED. Poor guy. =( I felt so bad. So we're going to call the number on the box (there's a label that says "DO NOT RETURN IT TO THE STORE" and gives a number to call for assembly help) tomorrow, and if all else fails, we're callin' a lesbian. (Seriously. My cousin is a stereotypical lesbian in that she's awesome with fixing stuff. She also likes to sleep with women.)

Yeah, we're a mess. I did have a small victory this week, though, which I'll be sharing on Foodie Friday this week. Just to prove I'm not constantly failing at life being a housewife.

ETA 7/9/10: THE HUBS FIXED THE CHAIR! He didn't even need to call the number, he figured out the issue and fixed it! It's so pretty and comfy! Of course, this now makes him NOT a Martha Screwup. Meh. I'm leaving it here.

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