Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tip, Tip, Tipping slowly...

So you might have read my post about working towards the tipping point (but if you didn't, I don't blame you, I'm sure my personal posts are dull to everyone but myself).

It's a very slow climb up that mountain, BUT I'm still feeling pretty good about it!

The little changes I'm making are alternating drinking water and diet soda. Diet soda is a hard mistress to break up with. She keeps luring me back with her icy dark bubbles of deliciousness. It's not even a physical addiction, I think, more of a habit and habits are hard to break. The alternating is working; I have the last cup's worth of diet soda in a 2-liter in the fridge, which I'm saving until tomorrow because I had soda at lunch and water tastes better to me. Once it's gone, I'm going to try a variation on how The Hubs quit smoking. He tried to go cold turkey, but he always kept an "emergency" cigarette with him; doing so made him REALLY question whether he wanted it or if he thought there might be a better time for it. I'll buy a can of diet soda, leave it in the fridge, and try to ignore it because it's my last one (hopefully).

I'm also trying to stop eating late at night, which is actually going decently well. I've had a couple of late-night binges, but, again, it's fighting through the addiction to the late night habit more than anything. Same with eating bad carbs versus good carbs; I bought mostly "good carbs", and I'm trying to sparingly eat the few bad ones I bought. For example, I bought breaded fish fillets for lunches this week, which are a little carb-y, but I make myself veggies to eat with them! So it's bad but not as bad.

Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps. A little movement forward at a time is my method; continuing forward motion when I take a step or two backwards is my goal.

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