Saturday, September 17, 2011

30 Before 30: Why I craft

I haven't really talked about it on here, but I like to make stuff. Like, LOVE to make stuff. It's seriously one of my favorite things to do. I wouldn't say I'm the BEST at it, but I make nice stuff:

SO yeah, I loooooove crafting. It's so much fun. The process of playing with the materials, envisioning the finished product in your head and trying to figure out how to make that come to fruition, and the satisfaction at its completion are soul-satisfying to me. When I craft, it's almost like a moving meditation to me. I seriously get in a zone where I can craft for literally HOURS without food or drink, and be perfectly content. Seriously, if I just crafted all day every day, it'd be the most effective diet ever. ;p I'd be a size 10 in no time.

It's also a bonding activity for me and people I'm close to. My mom is an AMAZING scrapbooker - she mainly likes to do pre-made kits and copy other layouts, but I really think she could come up with something fantastic on her own. We schedule monthly "craft days" where we hang out and just work in her craft room. (Yes, my mom has a room just for crafting, I am HELLA jealous.) I don't even have to buy materials, I just show up and use all her stuff! I also have 2 girl friends who are recent "acquisitions", and we've bonded over our crafting. We get together, eat yummy food (we're also way into food), and bring our projects to work on while we chat away. They're some of my favorite days, and I feel like we've bonded quickly through these craft days. It's fantastic. I got into crafting from my (now ex-)stepmother; she figured out I needed something to do, so she started me on decorating tees and sweatshirts with fabric paint in the fashion of the 90's at the time. Oh yes, my projects were TOTALLY tacky, but it was fun! My ex-stepmom is another awesomely crafty lady; she decorates glass ornaments every year for Xmas, and I have quite a lovely group that is one of my most treasured collections.

If you were to see my bookmarks on Firefox, I have folders that are PACKED with different links and tutorials. Unfortunately, I never seem to get around to trying the different projects. For my love of it, I don't make it a priority in my life unless I'm getting together with my crafter friends or family. The only thing that prohibits me from doing it MORE (besides time ;p) is that I don't have the space for it. I've been using my dining room table because my craft "desk" is so cluttered with craft stuff AND non-craft stuff (as it's a desk for working in general - although it mainly houses craft stuff xD). I'm hoping that as I re-arrange and re-decorate our apartment that I can figure out a way to house my craft stuff AND have craft space, because I would like to craft more often. It'd be a great way to distract myself when I feel the urge to eat. The Crafting Diet! Hahaha (TRADEMARKED, DON'T STEAL IT.)

So yeah, I'm a crafter. I say that with much less shame than the nerd stuff, haha. ;D I see why "crafting" gets a bad name, 'cuz there are some AWFUL crafting ... things out there (I will simply link you to regretsy), but for every terrible project, there are 50 unique, amazing, creative projects that make that terrible project look even worse. I'm not quite in that 50, but I don't care. I like making stuff. I like when I make stuff for people and they like it, too. It brings me joy, and that's all I want out of it. =)

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