Friday, May 17, 2013

Looking on the Brighter Side

So my life at this moment is what it is, and I'm trying to find ways not to dwell. Which, admittedly, is really REALLY hard.

To get started, I'm going to set little goals for myself, little markers to hit every day and feel like I'm getting stuff done, even if it doesn't seem like that much to others. I have a tendency to sink into the mire of depression that is unemployment, and I don't want to do that yet again.

The daily checklist:
  • Apply for one job a day. Revamping cover letter and everything, but take the time to really put my best application forward. One a day isn't so overwhelming and stressful. (Yes, applying for jobs right now is stressful - I'm still really raw from this recent turn of events and it's more stress-inducing than even I realized. The thought of applying for a teaching job right now hunches my shoulders and puts my stomach in knots; I'm giving myself until Monday to start this part of the daily check-off.)
  • Take Miss Daisy out for a PROPER walk everyday. I've been really lazy with it, and as the primary dog walker now, she needs more exercise than I usually give her (relying on her dogwalker to do it during the week). No more 5-8 minute walks around the building - we'll do what we call "the loop".
  • Get out of the apartment every day for a reason other than walking the dog. Even if it's to go to the library to read magazines, or to walk around Target and window shop, I need to get out and do SOMETHING. Being cooped up at home is no bueno para mi. Something tells me I'll be seeing a lot of $1 kid movies at the local theater this summer. ;)
  • Cook dinner every night. No excuses now!
  • Do at least one house chore. One a day will gradually get the place clean, right?
I know it's not much, and those of you who are super-awesome-and-responsible muthaf***in' ADULTS are probably rolling your eyes. I'll grant that the eye-roll is somewhat deserved on my end, but at the same time I'm coming out of a really messed up situation, and I have the luxury of letting myself heal a little bit at my own pace. 

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