Monday, May 27, 2013

Getting Out of the House: Week 2

So I did manage to get out of the house every day last week, although I didn't do any of the fun things I suggested in my last post. I also managed to apply for one job, walk the dog 3 times on "the loop", and I made dinner most nights! Oh, and I did at least one chore on three different days.

So if I were to grade myself, I'd give myself a C. *shrug* I'm normally an A student (my blood type is even A+!), but it was my first full week in this situation, so I'm not beating myself up too hard.

There are things I really want to get done (like Mount Laundry in my bedroom), so this week the goals are the same. Walk the dog every day, apply for one job every day, cook dinner every night, and do one chore a day (this week's chore: One load of laundry a day - Wash, dry, fold/put away).

How I'm getting out of the house this week:
  • Helping out my friend V by watching my adorable goddaughter E
  • Attend a farmer's market
  • Check out the space we're using for a party my friend R and I are hosting for a mutual friend
  • Prep work for Friday's appointment (I need to make copies)
  • a Friday appointment that's very important (Cross your fingers for me!)
 Plenty of stuff to keep me busy and productive! Here we go!

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