Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mars and Venus Butting Heads

So apparently this year is going to be a pattern of crappy work week ends with a bug of some sort. It's not quite bubonic plague like the last time, it feels more like a mild case of the black death. I think I'll be able to go to work on Monday, but OF COURSE it would be the weekend of The Hubs' bday.

LUCKILY, his actual PARTAY won't be until NEXT Saturday, because his BFF J was out of the country until tonight and he wanted J there. But still, I wanted this weekend to be one big celebration, and instead we've been at home all day because I'm sick.

But here's the thing: That's just fine with The Hubs. He's a homebody, it's a major sports weekend for him (Warriors in playoffs, Sharks' last season game and just recently made the playoffs, Giants are the Giants), so he bought himself some fancy brewskis and has been allowed free reign of the TV and he is a happy camper. Plus we splurged on our favorite pizza place for pizza and wings for dinner, so he is a happy, happy guy! On his actual birthday tomorrow, we're going to meet our new softball team to practice (which he's so excited about), then go to the local minor league baseball game (which is really fun - it's a nice stadium and they're a good team). The capper is a Warriors playoff game and his favorite meal for dinner - Gourmet Chicken. :)

I was worried he'd feel let down, but he's feeling anything but. We celebrate things differently; I like a big fuss, he's much more of a mellow guy. Hell, I had to convince him to have a birthday party! But I'm not allowed to decorate or make "foofy" food, and there's only one party game allowed (because it's Battleshots and we've been wanting to play it FOREVA).

So it doesn't make sense to ME, per se, but he is happy and that's all that matters. I have to confess that I was actually getting frustrated with some of his choices and requests. For example, I wanted to buy him something for his birthday, and he told me exactly what he wanted. This drives me nuts because WHERE'S THE SURPRISE IN THAT, but that's just how he is - get him what he wants, and he'll be happy. Makes perfect sense to him, but frustrates me (I'd been planning to buy him a bday message at the minor league game, but he somehow figured it out and told me he wouldn't like that; great to know, but I was pissed it ruined the surprise). Also, the softball practice threw off my other secret plan to cook him breakfast in bed due to the time of the practice, but ultimately he loves playing baseball/softball and that is what matters most. I realized that I was making his birthday more about ME and I needed to build a bridge and get the f*** over myself. I'd say I'm about 95% successful; I get his logic behind it but I still don't understand why he prefers things this way. :)

That said, the reason I wanted this bday to be so perfect is because I love him so much and he deserves the best; if this is his definition of "the best", then that just makes him even BETTER because I barely have to lift a finger!

Can you believe this adorable little stinker is 30 years old tomorrow? Crazy! He's even cuter now, believe it or not. 

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