Thursday, April 11, 2013

Note to Self #8973938724973

No matter how tired you are, NOTHING tastes better and soothes the soul more than a home-cooked meal.

Even when half the ingredients came from a can. STILL SOOTHING.

The secret is in finding those shortcuts. Monday was all out of a package, I'll admit (smoked sausage, baked beans, and frozen broccoli for something green), but Tuesday was no processed foods (cheeseburger soup with frozen brocc and cauliflower, yum!). Wednesday was a frozen dinner because I was too tired and The Hubs wasn't going to be home anyway, but today was enchilada casserole made using leftover slow-cooker chicken taco meat.

I came home in a for-no-reason PMS rage mood, and started cooking immediately because if I didn't do it first thing it wouldn't happen. Ended up snapping at The Hubs because I warned him that I was in NO MOOD and then I had a rude response to a completely innocent comment he made, which he (understandably) called me on... which resulted in his head being bitten off by my praying mantis of bitchiness. (He has since gotten it back and we've made amends.) I slammed around making the meal, slammed it in the oven, and was calm enough to apologize. 30 minutes later, hot bubbly cheesy Americanized-Mexicany goodness was ready and WE FILLED OUR BELLEHS.

I am already feeling better, The Hubs is happy to be well-fed again this week, and our pocketbooks remain undented (which is good, because the IRS has been bending us over a LOT this year, ugh). Oh, AND I have lunch tomorrow! Everybody happy!

Honestly, I feel a little pride each time I do cook at home, knowing I was a mutha-f***in' adult and cooked like a grown-up instead of wasting money on fast food. Since I've been cooking at home more often, I've been feeling better about myself more often. It's a nice trade-off.

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