Sunday, March 3, 2013

5SG: Sliding Downhill Fast, Climbing Uphill Slow...

This past week was a rough week. ROUGH. Like, questioning-my-self-worth, dreading-getting-up rough.

As such, fighting to be functional meant my goals did not go so hot. Yes, for the second week in a row.

I want to beat myself up about it; I'm excellent at self-flagellation. BUT I'm willing to forgive myself a little this time - usually I'm TOO forgiving of myself when things get rough, but I'm trying to find the happy medium here and preserve some emotional health where I can.

So rather than pinpoint all the things I did WRONG this week, I'm going to point out what I did right:
Daisy is completely unrelated to this post, but she's so cute and there's not enough pictures of her on this blog.
  • Workouts: 2/3. Still need to work on getting that 3rd one in. AND I need to increase the level of activity, I think. Also not doing the back exercises, so need to start that. I'm also going to attempt to work out in the mornings by sleeping in my workout clothes or putting them right under my phone on my nightstand - so they're right there, and I have no excuse to not throw them on and get a quick workout in!
  • Diet soda out, water in (replacing "no night carbs"): Still doing well! I only drink soda with my lunch at work or if I'm out for food, and I have a big pack of bottled water in my car trunk that I grab at least one per day, and drink that while at work. At home, I drink water from my Britta pitcher with a splash of lime juice - it helps trick me into drinking water with "flavor".
  • Big chore: Never did put the Xmas stuff away like I planned. THIS TIME, THOUGH, I SWEAR - IT'S GETTING DONE VERY SOON AFTER THIS ENTRY IS POSTED. Also bought more canvas bins to hold my stuff to help organize my clothes closet - what little organizing I've done so far is actually helping a lot!
  • Night off from electronics: this is the hardest one to do. I didn't realize how addicted I am! ARGH. It is SUCH a part of my life at this point, it's insane. Haven't achieved it yet!
  • Nighttime routine: I was feeling like I failed this one, too, but I realized that I am slowly establishing one without even meaning to. I want to get to the point where I'm doing what I outlined in my original post, but I have noticed that I regularly come home from work, throw on my jammies and remove all of my "armor". Then, after cooking dinner as a way to relax, I make myself a cup of tea (which is also helping me stave off needing dessert). So now I just need to add in the face-washing, teeth-brushing, and lunch-packing and I'm on it like comet!
So I could be worse off, but when I look at what behaviors I'm actually doing, I'm not really as far behind as I thought. My progress is just a little slower than I would like. BUT at least there's progress, and at least I can recognize that there is some progress. It's hard to be nice to yourself when you're so used to hating yourself. 

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