Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meal-Planning: Week of 11/7/10

So last week was a bit of a cluster-eff. Just got cray-cray, for some reason! I don't even know WHERE the wheels went off the hinges, so obviously it was a way back. xD

LUCKILY, this week wasn't a total loss because it'll save us a bit of cash, since I still have a bunch of food from last week that I need to cook, and we only ate out once outside of our planned expenditures. Also, I totally forgot to print out my to-do list (yes, all week, I GOT BUSY), but organizing my to-dos like that still helped me remember some of them and knock them out this week anyway. So not a 100% success, but not a total failure, either! I'll take a D from myself as much as I'll take it from my students. =)

Anyway, enough of my half-assed patting myself on the back. I know what you're here for: My menu. Keep in mind there'll be some repeats from last week, but there's a few new additions as well.

Slow-Cooker Carnitas
Refried Beans

Leftovers! We should have plenty from Sunday.

Oriental-Glazed Chicken

Freezer meals (I KNOW I'll be getting home late due to an after-work meeting, plus I have the next day off due to Veteran's Day, so an easy night!)

Smoked sausage and Potluck Beans (We had to cancel tail-gating due to costs of the game tickets, so I still have all the ingredients to use up. Will eventually type up the recipe, it's pretty tasty!)

Friday/ Saturday:
Homemade BBQ Chicken pizza (mmmm!)
- TJ's pizza dough
- BBQ sauce
- diced chicken
- bacon
- cheddar cheese
- mozzarella cheese

Paula Deen's Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf

We might have plans Friday night, so the BBQ pizza might happen, or it might not - if it doesn't, I can probably freeze the dough and other ingredients perishable ingredients. Saturday will HAVE to be the meatloaf, as The Hubs has seen I'm planning it and it's his favorite meatloaf recipe ever. I actually think it's TOO rich, but The Hubs doesn't see this as an issue. =)

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  1. Do you make your dough for pizza from scratch? I usually just use pita bread...



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