Saturday, November 6, 2010


I was wondering if I'd ever have a POSITIVE housewife experience to share... and holy crap, I do!


What The Hubs and I accomplished today:
  • Clothes sorted for keep/ donate/ toss (Mine today, he'll catch up tomorrow)
  • 4 loads of laundry from remaining clothes washed/dried, then folded/hung up!
  • 2 massive loads of dishes
  • Finally looked for doctors/ dentist so I can get myself healthy, gonna call on Monday
  • Home-cooked meal - INCLUDING veggies! I'm trying to be better about that, I swear.
Ok, it seemed better in my head. It FEELS like we got a lot done... Huh. It's definitely more than we usually accomplish. We even both woke up early enough to catch the 1st matinee of the movie we wanted to see, which saved us an extra $2 for our "day-date". We're still tight on money, so we're trying to find cheap ways to get out of the house - today was the day version of dinner and a movie ("dinner" was lunch at Jack's Urban Eats, where we got our fave tri-tip sandwiches and split a small version of their Urban Fries, which are cracktastically delicious).

And to top it all off, I tried on a pair of pants I was debating giving away because I thought they were too small, but my clothes have seemed a little looser lately so I tried them on one last time (haven't worn them in a year, easy) - they totally fit! Comfortably, even, not that squeeze into 'em way! I loved these pants, too... I also have a couple of great pairs in the next size down, so I'm saving those and now I'm wanting to keep avoiding fast food/ buy smaller fast food meals, as well as eat from home more and watch what I eat. Yay for unintentional weight-loss motivation!

Today was a good day. Makes me feel like a grown-up. Tomorrow I'm planning on making breakfast (I have eggs and bacon, nom), then grocery shopping, then I have to work on job stuff for most of the day while trying not to gnaw my arm off when I smell the carnitas cooking in our slow-cooker. *sigh* The one drawback to slow-cooker Sunday, how good the house smells.

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  1. Congrats on the pants!!! That's my favourite!! and it does look like you got a lot done, chores are the worst. I was proud that I actually mopped the kitchen floor yesterday, can you say old fart? I hope you were able to find some doctors and make some appts.



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