Monday, March 26, 2012

I miss cake.

So I've alluded to having health issues, but being so secretive makes it sound worse than it is. It's a combination of issues, nothing that's killing me unless I ignore it, and they all affect the others so YAY. I'm on 3 different meds, which is kind of weird, and I've GOT to change my doctor because my current one is lame. (Seriously, 2 hours PAST my appt. time before I even see her, and she's not even that informative when she told me what was wrong with me.)

The easiest way to solve my issues (aside from meds) are to eat better and avoid certain foods. Not just foods that are bad for you, like obviously junk foods, but certain foods that affect my health negatively short-term as well. I just can't eat certain foods anymore without it making me nauseous and head-achey; I can feel the effects after about 15 minutes, so I've had to basically cut those foods out. It's not the WORST thing ever, but sometimes... I miss them. I'm learning my lesson, though, 'cuz as I've adjusted to what I can and can't eat, I've given in to the resentment, like, "Screw you, body, I want cake and I'm gonna eat it!" Then I eat it and feel like ARSE for hours. UGH. I'm lucky, though, in that I can still eat a lot of what I like as long as I leave out some things or eat smaller portions of it. Like I can eat A potato, or a handful of fries... but it shouldn't go beyond that. Plus as my eating has adjusted, my eating habits have adjusted as well, which is resulting in a little weight loss... which I appreciate. The next step is to become even more healthy in eating, and less junk-eating. We eat from home a lot more, which is good... but it sucks 'cuz when I'm actually IN a hurry and need to eat on the run, my options are super-limited. UGH. LAME. I do try to plan ahead so I'm not stuck in this situation, 'cuz it SUCKS.

But if I may navel-gaze a moment and bemoan my situation a little, I want to have an In Memoriam for all the awesome food I must give up (*insert sad music playing as we pay tribute and clap politely*):

There's more, but those are my favorites.  I'm really gonna miss those guys... we had such good times together. *sniffle* But they make me feel gross and pained, so I have to say goodbye. 

If any of you love me enough, you'll record yourselves eating these things while enjoying them immensely. Seriously, all I do is stare at Pinterest pins of delicious foods I can't eat anymore. It's more erotic than porn! Hahaha. 

In all seriousness, though, I'm making my peace with it, slowly but surely. For example, some things I can have in small amounts, like a couple slices of THIN-crust pizza doesn't make me feel awful, thank GOD, so I can still quench the urge when needed. And if cutting out these foods makes me feel better in the long run, and help my body get better for other things I hope it can do, then it'll be worth it. =)

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