Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Moment of Happy

Having just come out of a few weeks of crazy/stress/spiritual ugliness (my own), it's so nice to sit here, watching "Troop Beverly Hills" (LOVE that movie), with a warm, sweet dog snoozing in my lap. Said sweet dog pictured below.

What's making me feel so warm and fuzzy? Realizing that, despite the last few weeks trying to convince me otherwise, my life is full of good things. When I'm stressed and unhappy, I forget those things - as do most people, I assume. Today was just a good, good day. Good food, good friends (in person and on the phone), and good times watching good (and so-AWFUL-they're-good) movies.

Today was a good day. Tomorrow promises to be just as good. I just like to take notice of these happy feelings when they happen, so I don't always fall into that trap of negativity to which I can easily succumb.

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