Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome, 2012!

New Year, new look! This wasn't planned, although I've been wanting to do this for awhile, esp. when I started using Google calendar for my menu planning... I needed to change the layout to accommodate the calendar the way I saw it in my head. So I started playing with the template designer thingie, then decided I'd change my header, too. (I used the My Memories program!) I like it! It's bright, cheery, and organized nicely.

So I posted about the areas in my life I'm planning to work on, but I had the issue of not having measurments of those goals, as in I had no way to prove to myself I was successful. But I think I've figured it out! Including some goals that aren't covered by the previous entry.

The list:
  • Debt: Pay off 1 credit card by the end of the year - hopefully 2! (This is keeping in mind that we have two small ones that could easily be paid off within the year; we'll probably use the "debt snowball" method for this.)
  • Style: Wear and post to my tumblr one "fashion" outfit per week MINIMUM (obviously encouraging more). This way I don't feel so much pressure to chronicle every thing, like I did with the 30 for 30 meme - which was fun, but by the end it was EXHAUSTING to come home every day and smile for the camera.
  • Health: Diet - eat at home waaaay more, cutting fast food down to once/week (and hopefully not at all eventually); cut out sugar and diet soda gradually 'cuz it's making me sick, yuck. Exercise - Walk Daisy on the "small loop" every day, working up to the "longer loop" by the end of the month (small loop is .5 miles, longer loop is just shy of 1 mile); work out for 10 minutes on the elliptical 4 times a week, gradually increasing my time on it as I feel stronger. (The Hubs is also going to work out more!)
  • GET A JOB. I'm so tired of being unemployed. I'm tired of The Hubs nobly working to provide for both of us so that we're stable but we're not moving forward. As much as I hate the idea of not teaching, I've made peace with the fact that I might not be a teacher. I'm also not completely giving up on being a teacher, though; what was holding me back from just getting ANY job I could was partly pride, and partly the idea of having to leave a company hangin' if I'm applying for teaching jobs in the summer and actually GET one - I'm loyal to a fault and I couldn't get over the idea of "abandoning" any job for another job, but at least this way if I DON'T get a teaching job, I'll still bring in steady income until I can try again. (Plus I'm taking at least one of the history classes I need to get my history supplement this semester, hopefully getting into the second needed one if the professor takes pity on me and lets me come in from the waitlist; getting the history supplement will open up my teaching job possibilities by a decent amount.)
  • Read more! I'm an ENGLISH GRADUATE, FOR PETE'S SAKE. Which I think is the cause of the problem; when you read by force for 5+ years to earn a piece of paper, it makes reading for pleasure less enticing. So I'm going to set a very reasonable goal of 6 new books, 1 every 2 months.

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