Thursday, January 26, 2012

Update: I STILL can't update!

Oh. My. GOD. Don't even get me started on my laptop issues. If you really want to know, go check out my twitter account - I went on a rant yesterday. (@HotMessHousWife - same as blog name, minus the "e" on House) So I still don't have my computer.

So I'm posting on a computer during a down moment at my temp job. So much to discuss, so little time. So what's the time? BULLET LIST TIME!
  • Unemployment: Still unemployed. Two more job interviews that didn't go anywhere. Plus side: I'm getting interviews, and they seem to go well. Minus side: I don't get the job! GAH. SO FRUSTRATING. I've expanded search beyond educational jobs... which saddens me, but at the same time we need money. (We're not on food stamps or anything, but it'd be nice to be stable.) I'm doing some tutoring and temp work, but the temp work is sparse (but when it's happening, OMG I'm so freakin' busy, GAH). Also, the 1 small plus side of being computerless is when I'm not working, I'm forced to go to my local library for my computer time. This is good because it gets me out of the house, so I run any other errands I need to, and I'm not just lollygagging on the computer because I'm only allotted an hour a day, so I get stuff DONE, son. It seems to have taken affect on my productivity, because even now that we're borrowing a friend's (slow-running) Netbook, I'm still productive during the day, only using the Netbook for what I absolutely NEED... then goofing off on the internet all night. Man, I love the internet. I need an Internet Addicts Anonymous group BAD.
  • Domestic Arts: Freezer cooking! I'm into it. I will post a big ol' entry on it when I have my computer back, with pictures and What Works For Me tips. It's not for everyone, but when it works, it works REALLY well, and The Hubs is a fan. 
  • Health: Finally insured again, finally saw a doctor, finally diagnosed as PCOS. (DUH DOY, KNOWN IT FOR YEARS.) So now we're trying to regulate my progesterone and trick my body into producing it on its own, and (obviously) my doctor wants me to lose weight. Which is reasonable, but so hard. My goal right now is to be down 6 pounds by my next appointment (next Friday), and I'm attempting to do this by cutting down my portions, eating healthIER stuff (I still eat fast food, but I'm trying to cut back), adding in exercise by walking the dog longer and parking farther away so I have to walk, and getting rid of the artificial sweetners/soda habit. I kicked soda once, I can do it again! When I focus intensely on dieting by counting calories, I over-stress about it and end up rebelling - HARD. My brain just can't take it, for whatever reason. So I'm going back to previous strategies of just making little changes and taking my time. Not so much "dieting" as "mindful eating". The success is slow, but it WORKS... so why do I stop doing it? I'll never understand myself. 
  • Misc.: I'm back in school - as a student! I'm taking two History classes to add a supplemental authorization to my English credential, which will hopefully make me more employable. One's at night on Wednesdays, and the other one is solely online. There's a lot of freaking homework for both, which sucks, and I initially balked; I was like, "I don't remember having this much homework in my undergrad program!" Then I remembered that I spent most of my undergrad program screwing around and doing the bare minimum of homework (and I was an English major, for Pete's sake - I barely read a darn thing). *sheepish grin* The Hubs has thrown down the gauntlet that I should aim to maintain my post-B.A. GPA of 4.0 - CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Seriously, though, it's actually pretty fun. I'm a nerd, I like making my brain work. 
That's all I can think of. Multiple posts planned for when I have a computer that works worth a darn, ugh. I miss blogging! =(

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  1. Sounds like so much going on for you -- kudos on taking courses! 6 lbs in one week sounds a little, uh, zealous. Don't kick your butt over it if you don't make that goal. Be reasonable!



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