Saturday, December 18, 2010


So if you haven't caught on yet, my income comes from teaching. While it is a difficult career choice that has as many lows as there are highs, I'm not going to lie: the vacation time is AWESOME. (Well, except for summer vacation when I've been laid off from the last job and I'm desperately trying to find a new job - that sucks).

So I'm on winter break as of yesterday at 3:25 pm! And get this - I'm off for 3 weeks thanks to the high number of students who go to their families' home countries! WHOOOO! Now all I can think about is what do I do with all this free time?

Unfortunately, there's things I NEED to do this break before I can think of what I WANT to do. *sigh* I have doctors appointments to set, xmas gifts to make and buy, xmas cards to send out, dog shots to get, a bedroom to finally get in order and clean, and (of course) final grades to complete and a new semester to prepare for. OY!

However, I know what I need to do, so let's talk about what I WANT to do!
  • See friends that I don't get to see very often
  • go to The City as it's been FAR too long (also goes along with previous statement)
  • cook! I miss cooking for pleasure. Specifically, I want to cook for people (again, see previous statement) because feeding people is how I show love. I will stuff you full of my delicious love. EAT IT AND QUIT COMPLAINING.
  • make crafty stuff for reasons other than xmas gifts
  • Get my "walking program" back in order/ work on hitting 10,000 steps every day
  • Pamper myself with at-home beauty treatments that I'm always too tired to do otherwise
  • read books (some for school, some for pleasure)
Really, of the 3 weeks I have off, I'll only be alone for the first week, and by "alone" I mean I'll actually only have the house to myself for 4 days, then it's Xmas. Then The Hubs has a (hard-earned and much deserved) week off and wants to get a lot of stuff around the apartment done, and the week after that I will be working on preparing my next semester of classes. So I feel like I have a 4 day window of doing any "me" stuff. Eep!

Still, though, it is desired and required. I'm all about me lately, and I kind of like being all about me lately so I'm going to prioritize and get shiz done for myself. =D

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