Wednesday, October 5, 2011

30 Before 30: My Old-Woman Rant

Kids these days! *Waves fist angrily*

Yeah, I know, 30 doesn't equal old, but I find it fascinating how I'm becoming a cranky curmudgeon at such a young age. Sheesh.

What makes me so cranky is that it seems like manners have completely gone out the window. My parents are in no way high-falutin' society folk, but I was raised with basic manners. But it feels sometimes like I was the only one raised this way! That's overly persnickety, but I can't believe how self-centered our society has become.

The things currently driving me nuts:
  • People who don't signal for lane changes/check their blind spot/drive recklessly. I don't know ANYONE who is so important that they can put other people's lives at risk. Reckless drivers make me think they are just selfish, thoughtless people in general, because only selfish, thoughtless people would risk others' lives without a thought.
  • When you call someone's cell phone and you get sent to voicemail after, like, 2 rings. It's called a "Silence" button, dammit. Every phone has one; some require figuring out (like for iPhones, you just hit the power button but nothing explicitly tells you that), but you can ALWAYS silence it so the phone keeps ringing but you aren't bothered by the ring. Why is this so much better than hitting ignore, in my opinion? Even if you actually DO want to ignore the person calling, it's better to let them think they just missed you. Ignorance is bliss. I feel rejected when the phone rings twice and then goes to voicemail - I KNOW you just ignored me. Even if you have a legitimate reason, I still feel like you rejected me and that makes you a jerk. ;p
  • Facebook posts from the stupid games. I will confess, I'm breaking a mild addiction to "Restaurant City", but I never posted to the wall or sent people requests if I knew they didn't play the game. It drives me nuts. Actually, most FB behavior drives me nuts, but I still check it regularly. I just don't post to it much, haha. 
I really try not to focus on these things that get under my skin, though. If you do, you waste energy on something that isn't wasting its energy on YOU. But I'm human, and sometimes I get bothered by stupid things. So I write them out, and I get it out of my system. 

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