Saturday, August 27, 2011

Follow-up to vanity post: OMG MY CRAZINESS WORKED

Ok, so if you read my last post, you know I was waaaay over-thinking and over-prepping for my friend T's wedding today.

Well, first things first, it was GORGEOUS. The bride was, like I thought she would be, the most beautiful girl in the room - and I don't say that just 'cuz she was the bride, or to call the other females in attendance ugly. We gave her a run for her money, but she was BEAUTIFUL. Great, intimate wedding with lots of love and warmth for the bride and groom.

Onto more important things: what people thought of ME. ;p So of the 3 former guys, neither of the actual exes showed up (THANK GOD), but I did see the friend whom we mutually benefitted. I wasn't terribly worried about his opinion (after all, I wasn't emotionally involved with him), but I don't think his reaction could've been any better...

He literally did a double-take, and kind of shook his head in shock, and said, "Wow, SAM?" Then gave me a big hug. (His girlfriend kind of gave me the "wary eye" after that, but she's a total babe and they're totally cute together so there's nothing to worry about on her end, obviously.)

Other high school peeps that were there were also happy to see me. One of them (a guy who I was never super-close to but we ran in the same circles and thought the other was cool) was unusually happy to see me - jumped up, gave me a big hug when I walked up, then sat next to me at the ceremony. We're catching up before the ceremony, and he made some jokes about being single and "looking for hot single ladies" at the wedding. Then he says (I SH** YOU NOT), "Of course, I have to go and sit next to the hot married lady." I joked that if a hot single lady arrived, I wouldn't be offended if he ditched me. He replies, "Nah, I'm good." He also kept leaning into me and nudging me while we talked... HE WAS TOTALLY FLIRTING WITH ME! (He was cute, too, which makes it even MORE validating! ;D)

OMG I AM TOTALLY A HOTTIE... when I wear a sexy halter dress (with a modest shrug to cover my shoulders), wedge heels, full makeup, and straighten my hair.

Meh, I'll take it. ;D It's nice to know that I am attractive when I put in the effort (and said effort makes me FEEL hot and sexy). T and D (both guy friends) also told me I looked pretty today, which was nice.

Of course, now I just have to not let this one day of optimum hotness go to my head. ;p I mean, it totally has, but now I have to ACT like it hasn't.

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