Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome, 2011! My goals for the new year.

SO! It's 2011, officially. Been 2011 for 2 days so far, and so far, so good! The year is off to a good start, and I am off to a (mostly) positive attitude towards it. There are a few chinks in the armor, but there always are, so meh.

Looking back at my old (locked-up) journal, I checked what my goals were for 2010. Apparently, they were to develop a better sense of personal style, take better care of my physical appearance (like putting effort into my daily appearance, improve my skincare regime, get in better shape), and stop the negative self-talk. Although it was hit or miss most of the year, I have managed to end the year and start this year having worked a fair amount in a positive direction in all of those areas! Go me!

My goals for 2011 is to continue the above's progress, naturally. However, I'm adding to the "physical appearance" with wanting to get my health in order. I'm still in horrible physical shape, and I want to be in better physical shape. I'll never be skinny, but I could definitely be a sexier version of curvy than what I am currently. However, I always get overwhelmed with trying to do things like formal diets. All that tracking calories just overwhelms me for whatever reason. (Not saying it's right, just saying it is.) So instead I'm going to work on just eating better, period. Track what I eat, and work on eating better choices more often than not. I also want to really decide what foods are foods I could never give up, and then the foods that don't make that list but are "bad" will just be cut out of the diet. I'm also going to try to cut out the carbs - not completely (let's not get crazy here), but when it's not necessary. More proteins and veggies - LOTS more veggies! I also want to walk more and take a local yoga class, too - I need to exercise more.

I have two other goals:
One is simple enough: Become proficient on the ukulele. I got one for Christmas, and I LOVE it! It is SO much fun to play; I've never played a musical instrument before, as I always figured I didn't have the natural skill for it. Turns out, I'm not so terrible! Parts of it are coming fairly easily, but others are still like learning a whole new language. Still, fun! I'm practicing chord progressions by finding songs I really like and I'm familiar with; I even recorded myself playing/singing along to one of them so I could "show" my mom. Your ears may bleed, so click at your own risk: My ukulele version of "Sea of Love" by Cat Power.

Goal #2 is a little... well, more abstract. There are areas of my life where I'm fairly happy, and there are areas where I'm not really happy at all. So... I want to be overall happy and satisfied, not half and half like I am now. So I need to figure out why I'm not happy in those particular areas, and if I can change those areas to where I (and anyone else involved) are all happy, or if I need to replace/move on. Sorry for being vague, but some of the areas making me unhappy are of a very personal nature. But my goal is to enter my 30's in October loving myself more, feeling more like a strong adult woman, and having found the happiness all-around that I crave (or at least working my way towards it).

So, to sum up my goals for 2011:
  • Keep looking hot and sexy, and not talking myself down like I have the nasty natural tendency to do
  • Get my body in a healthy shape and living a healthiER lifestyle with physical activity and better food choices
  • Find my happiness and keeping growing into a mature 30-year-old woman that I can continue to be proud of
  • Become proficient in my ukulele playing (seriously, SO FUN)

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