Sunday, June 27, 2010

Music Monday – “Music to Clean to”

So, I’m sure your first question in regards to this entry is, “Why the eff does a HOMEMAKING blog have a Music Monday?”

My first response is SHUT UP, JERK. But since I want you to come back and read again, my next response is to apologize profusely and offer you a frosty beverage as an olive branch. Want a little rum in that Diet Pepsi? Is the Malibu kind ok?

Now that we’re all calm again, I’ll finally explain that while yes, this isn’t a music blog, music DOES make life sweeter. I, for one, enjoy creating soundtracks to my life, and I happen to think that I’m actually not too bad at it. I have a varied music taste, but I also tend to like singles over whole albums. I make playlists for my moods and for life events. I’m kind of a nerd like that.

I not only make playlists for my moods, but I make playlists to affect my mood. One thing I’m rarely in the mood for is cleaning. I know, shock – I call myself the “hot mess housewife” and I’m not into cleaning. *gasp!* However, when I have to clean, like if we have guests coming over, the one thing that makes that grueling task way more enjoyable is a good soundtrack! I put on playlist and get right to work, and the time flies by. I don’t whistle while I work, I shake my groove thang.

So since music is one of the few things that can make me clean (the other is being pissed off about something – if I’m angry, I will scrub a ceramic tile counter until it’s powder), I decided it’s only fair to help my fellow reluctant cleaners by giving them a good hour-long list of songs to booty-shake to. DJ HMHW IN THE HIZZOUSE!

So this week is Music to Clean to: Booty-Shakin’ Beats 1 (I say “1” ‘cuz there WILL be more playlists in this theme in the future, I assure you). It consists of mostly dance and pop songs, with a couple “rock” songs thrown in, but they’re all very, very danceable. It is exactly one hour long, so you could just hit “play” and only clean until the last song ends! Plus your butt will be in the air shakin’ the whole time, so you’ll get a workout, too! Everybody wins!

This list is in the recommended order in which to play these songs, as they flow nicely into each other IMHO. Of course, I ain’t your mama so do what you want, but I do request you at least give my order a shot?
1. “Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks”, The Rapture
2. “Say Goodbye to Love”, Kenna
3. “Dare”, Gorillaz
4. “It Takes Two”, Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock
5. “We Are Rockstars”, Does It Offend You, Yeah?
6. “Move Your Feet”, Junior Senior
7. “Red Alert”, Basement Jaxx
8. “In Heaven”, Fatboy Slim (Warning: excessive use of the word “f***” in this son as it’s part of a heavily repeated phrase in the song)
9. “Sucubz (Ark Original Mix)”, The Ark
10. “Love at First Sight (Remix)” Kylie Minogue
11. “Shake Your Rump”, Beastie Boys
12. “Date With the Night”, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
13. “You’re No Rock n’ Roll Fun”, Sleater-Kinney
14. “Pump It Up”, Elvis Costello
15. “Womanizer”, Britney Spears
16. “Here It Goes Again”, Ok Go
17. “Touch the Sky”, Kanye West (even if you can’t stand the guy, give this song a chance –it’s a great, uplifting song with an awesome horns riff)

Now, I can’t just offer you the songs for free download ‘cuz that would be, y’know, ILLEGAL, but I assure you that all except the “Sucubz” song are on iTunes. As such, if you can’t find “Sucubz”, and you just HAVE TO HAVE IT TO COMPLETE THIS AWESOME PLAYLIST OMG, email me at hotmesshw |at!| gmail dot com and I will send you a link to download it. I think the playlist will be ok without it, but it’s a fun little booty-bouncing song that will make you smile, so feel free to ask me for it! =D

Every Monday I will have a new playlist, usually “Music to Clean to”, but occasionally I will offer
playlists for various entertaining themes (dinner with friends, romantic evening, your nephew’s bris, etc.). So check back every Monday for your new soundtrack for your next clean-up date!


  1. There's a disturbing lack of Glam metal in that playlist. When I'm scrubbing away at my kitchen floor, I find that Poison (particularly "Fallen Angel" and "Ride the Wind") make for an energetic companion. Yes, the lyrics are as inspid as they are misogynistic, yes, Bret Michaels can't really sing, but when CC's guitar solos kick in, any reservations tend to drift away. It

    Or so I would argue.

  2. Oh, don't worry, there will be future playlists that include awesome 80's metal songs! This is just the first one!



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