Sunday, February 19, 2012

I said I was back, didn't I? Oops.

Well, I thought I'd be able to post more now that I have a computer, but this was NOT my week. OY. Which was a shame, because I had a really great end of the week last week, which is when I last posted. But the next day happened, and MAN, life just went to Hades, y'know?

Nothing super-major-bad, just... a bunch of little things adding up to one big emotional state. My classes are having their first tests, my temp job is exhausting and causing frustrations for me and my supervisor (who is also The Hubs' besty - it's nothing huge, just my stress was making me snippy and he was frustrated because, well, what dude likes dealing with a snippy girl that he's NOT sleeping with?), I've recently had some medical diagnoses that are requiring lifestyle changes that I'm still dealing with and trying to find my footing, and Valentine's Day had some drama (it's resolved, but still... no one wants to cry on Valentine's Day). Plus all these changes and demands have simply been overwhelming and our apartment is in desperate need of a deep cleaning... but we're so tired when we have time off that, well, we'd rather chill out and enjoy each others company. Not an excuse, just being honest. We still need to be grownups and clean after ourselves.

Things are looking up for this week, though. I took one of the two tests and got a 100%, which is awesome, but this is the class I'm having an easier time with. (Granted, I'm having an easier time with it because the professor is excellent at making her expectations clear and her instructions understandable... my other class is pretty much the textbook example of how college professors don't know how to freakin' teach.) The medical stuff is private (sorry), but be assured I'm not dying or anything anytime soon; however, if I don't make lifestyle changes then my death would speed up, for sure. Not like next year or anything... you get my drift, right? I need to be better about how I live my life. I was doing well, then the stress made me fall back. I did notice how different I feel when I'm not being careful with how I treat my body.

I still have my test in my other class that's stressing me out, but a nice 3-day weekend has been a palate cleanser. Tomorrow is a day for just studying, chores, and errand-running; my tutoring session has been cancelled for the day so my student could have a school-free weekend as well. (His mom requested it, and I wasn't about to fight it, haha!) Which is great, because now I don't have to work towards a deadline that ultimately eats about 2 hours out of my day (1 hour round-trip travel + 1 hour tutoring) which is technically my "day off". So tomorrow The Hubs and I are tackling laundry and dishes, I'm going to the grocery store for the week (I'm still doing the freezer cooking, but this week is NOT the week for the next round of cooking), and I'm going to do some prep work for the stupid written exam Wednesday night (ugh). I'm oddly looking forward to it!

Something of relevance soon, I swear. Sorry, it's just been cray-cray. 

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  1. I'm sorry the week wasn't great :(

    I hope your next test goes well!!



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