Monday, November 21, 2011

The Holiday Trinity: Turkey Day Timeline!

So I'm UNEMPLOYED unemployed right now. It's a weird position; I'd been working rather steadily for most of Sept. and Oct., and then the work ran out. They might need me again, but so far no. In the meantime, I've interviewed and lined up some part-time work, but they're not going to start yet. I'll be taking some college courses soon, but that doesn't start until January. So in the meantime there's... nothing. Lots and lots of NADA. It's a weird place to be, at least for me, and it kind of sucks me into this vortex of lame, where I don't want to do anything. It used to be a lot worse (and last a lot longer), but now I'm feeling better and I think I'm crawling out of it.

One thing motivating the crawl out: The holidays. Big Holiday #2 is right around the corner, and this week is my big prep week.

Now, TBH, I will TOTALLY own it that I'm probably making a bigger deal out of it than I need to, but... well, what else do I have to do? Plus I LOVE hosting. The only thing I've ever hated about it is the guest list, and that's only if it's a strictly friends list or I'm inviting people over for the first time. If it's family, feh, it's family! I love my family (for the most part), and they already know my shortcomings. ;p

Either way, I seriously made an outline for the week. Curious? Of course you are. Keep in mind that my hosting of Thanksgiving is the Sunday AFTER, because it's for my in-laws and my MIL works the actual Turkey Day. So here's the plan:

Monday-Wednesday – Buy groceries and decorations (tablecloth for food table, table-runner, cylinder vases, wine glasses), wash linens, clean out fridge and pantry so I have room for all the dang food
Thursday – enjoy day at Grandma Betty's!
Friday -  Hubs and I deep clean the apartment (floors, dusting, counters, toilet, all tables, patio chairs)
Saturday – prep day-before foods
Sunday (D-DAY) - move elliptical machine to bedroom; cook turkey; 1 hour before turkey’s done, take out/prep side dishes that need to cook still; once turkey’s done, finish side dishes; cook biscuits after side dishes are done; EAT and drink copious amounts of wine; ignore dishes as long as possible

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