Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer "Job": The Plan, Stan

So as I mentioned before, my plan to not make the summer a complete waste was to create a part-time "job" feeling of getting stuff done around the house. Today's the first day of doing so! The Hubs is completely in favor of my doing this, as it'll keep me productive and eventually benefit him, too (as I'll be taking care of basic stuff around the house, which saves him housework duties - he LOOOOVES that, haha). His biggest complaint about when I'm unemployed/ on break from school, aside from lack of money and jealousy that I have my days free while he works, is that I tend to squander all this time I have to get stuff accomplished, and it's a valid complaint. So I don't want to waste another summer break not getting stuff done!

Yes, I've scheduled time to read "Harry Potter", don't be jealous.
So, I made a schedule of sorts to follow every day, including "Free time". I downloaded the basic template for Excel from the Microsoft Office website (I suck at Excel), modified it to meet my needs, and I'm planning on printing it out and putting it in a clear paper protector so I can write on it when I have an appointment (e.g., a job interview), as that will supersede my daily schedule. 

Today's my first day trying it out, and if you notice the time of posting this, you'll notice I'm supposed to be job hunting right now. Well, I already did. There's not much posted to apply for, heh. I'm giving myself any "early finish" time as time to goof off to placate my lazy side; as long as stuff gets done, I'll feel productive.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I start things off with the best of intentions, but quickly falter. (The Non-Processed Project, anyone? In my slight defense, I do still casually seek out non-processed alternatives, but not as often as I should.) But I'm going to try my darnedest to maintain this, dammit. I'm motivated, and I've set it up to accommodate my tendencies towards laziness by GIVING ME TIME TO BE LAZY! Plus it's really not THAT much to do, tbh, so I need to remind myself of that. For example, my chore from the big to-do list today is to clean the toilet. It needs it pretty desperately, truth be told, but even if it takes me half an hour... that's it. A whole half hour. I can deal with that. Oh, and the laundry - but, again, a load a day as opposed to several loads all day? No big. I'll be fine.

I'll keep you posted, obviously, but I have a good feeling about this schedule; it feels REALLY doable. Of course, I'm only "working" 3 times this week (except for job hunting, job hunting is EVERY WEEKDAY as agreed upon by The Hubs and myself) because I have stuff planned already for Tues./Thurs., so it seems pretty easy with THAT in mind!

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