Sunday, May 22, 2011

Keeping busy

I'm at 9 days left of my current job. That's right, in 9 days I'm unemployed.

Now, as I've previously mentioned, this is unfortunately not the first time I've been in this situation. The last time it happened, I fell into a deep depression where it feels like I essentially wasted a year. I mean, I worked as a sub and a temporary data entry person, but I didn't really take advantage of the time I ended up having to improve my life in any reasonable way. The days between sub jobs would have been prime time to get stuff done, but instead I chose to wallow inside out of sadness and fear.

So I don't want that to happen again. Obviously, my first priority is the job hunt, but in the teaching field there's only so much one can do in that regard. If my job hunt only takes up about an hour a day, every other day... there's about 14 hours left per day to fill, preferably with something productive.

That said, here's what I'm considering, in no particular order:
  1. Health improvement! Now, I am not the healthiest person in the world. I need to be more physically active and improve my eating habits. 
    • Pros: It would def. help me out in two big areas: self-esteem and fertility. 
    • Cons: I eat when I'm bored AND when I'm emotional; I can't afford to join any gyms, but I am most successful when the exercise is social. 
  2. Writing! Not that you could probably tell from this blog, but I like to write, specifically fiction and poetry. I've never been published, so I'm hoping to work on submitting at least a few pieces to literary journals. 
    • Pros: Being published at least once is one of my biggest goals in life. Would also look good on an English teacher's resume I bet...
    • Cons: REJECTION IS SCARY. And some journals  request small fees for reading, which gets expensive. 
  3. Home improvement! Well, our "home' is a 1-bedroom apartment, but it could use a deep cleaning. Plus it looks like we're stuck here for at least one more year due to finances, so it'd be nice to make it a little more "home-y". 
    • Pros: A clean, welcoming home is a happy home; having more pride in said home would certainly improve morale around here AND we'd probably be less embarrassed to have people over. 
    • Cons: I hate cleaning. HATE. IT. Also, we can't afford to do much "decorating" unless I get really creative and crafty with it (which should actually be under the "pros" also...)
  4. Etsy! Yeah, I have an Etsy store. I didn't really push it hard, though, when I started it a few years ago... then got busy with work... so I'd like to try again. Maybe make it a weekly goal to add a new item? Also look into how to promote it more. 
    • Pros: could bring in more money, would give me something to do, I LOVE CRAFTING!
    • Cons: It costs money to make money (specifically supplies), it'll take some time to get customers - how the hell do I GET customers?
So those are my options. I could reasonably attempt all four, a little bit every day. Right now I'm thinking I need a schedule for every day, so it's like I'm "working" while I'm off. I know if I wake up and shower first thing, I tend to be more productive; it's lounging around in my jammies that gets me in trouble.

What do YOU do when you're unemployed? How do you keep some sense of regiment and responsibility?  I know I NEED to, if I just let myself lounge, that lack of focus and routine will turn into apathy and depression. =( Ideas? Tips? I'm open to suggestions and successful practices!

Oh, don't get me wrong, there WILL be SOME permission to lounge and be lazy - I'm planning to take the first week "off", and I'm also planning on staying at my mom's for a few days as a "staycation" at some point to craft with her AND visit my friends who live near her. =)

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